Job Search Depression Is Real, And We Need to Talk About It

If you’re tempted to try certain supplements like folic acid, B12 or vitamin D, don’t waste your money, Dr. Roecklein said. Unless you have a true deficiency, she said, there is “zero evidence that taking supplements” will work for treating or preventing seasonal affective disorder. C.B.T., a form of talk therapy that aims to shift faulty or unhelpful ways of thinking, can also be beneficial, Dr. Rohan said. If you say things like, “I hate winter” during a session, she said, the therapist will try to reposition those negative thoughts. “Even if we could take it down a notch to, ‘I prefer summer to winter,’” she said, that can result in a big shift in symptoms and mood.

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Job Search Depression: Tips To Manage Stress And Rejection

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They should also report any side effects they experience to a doctor. For some individuals, work may be a contributing factor to their depression. Others may find that their depression symptoms worsen because of long working hours, stress, or other factors related to their occupation. Remember that no matter the outcome of your job searching and the number of rejections you’ve received, your current situation doesn’t define you. Even if you don’t have the right skill set or experience, walking into an interview with optimistic, confident energy will make you stand out. What’s more, maintaining a positive attitude throughout your job hunt can better your chances of landing your dream gig.

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If you’re noticing a link between depressive symptoms and your workplace, don’t wait to seek help. Talking with your immediate supervisor or boss is a good first step — as long as you feel supported by them. It’s not uncommon to experience stress at work, but don’t ignore feelings of depression. Making yourself a daily schedule (and sticking to it) will help you feel more competent and in control. When you start each day with a plan and a to-do list, knocking off a few tasks—like sending a thank-you email after an interview or researching some promising job leads—can give you a sense of accomplishment. If you’re not currently working, you may not have a consistent daily schedule, and this lack of routine can make anxiety and job search depression worse.

  • To help you keep your head up, here are six causes of job search depression, and what you can do to prevent it.
  • If it’s present, symptoms have started to impair important areas of your daily functioning.
  • Remember that the company you’re applying for has many factors to consider.
  • “Those jobs may not be accessible to teenagers and certainly could be quite dangerous for them right now.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about seasonal affective disorder, with answers from experts. Talkspace is an online therapy platform that makes getting therapy for depression simple, affordable, and convenient. Flexible scheduling options make fitting Talkspace therapy into your hectic schedule easy without interfering with work. Dealing with any form of depression can be challenging on your own.

Experts link time change and seasonal depression

It’s also important to view today’s economic crisis against the backdrop of work life prior to the pandemic, Allan says. Even before the coronavirus, work in the United States was increasingly precarious, he says, with more workers laboring at contract or gig positions, often with few protections or benefits. Those workers are often the ones who are now facing the most dangerous, uncertain working conditions—or at risk of losing their jobs altogether.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who work full time work an average of 8.5 hours a day on weekdays. Therefore, a person living with depression is likely to experience depression symptoms while working. This may lead to decreased work performance and other work-related issues.

What are the signs of work depression?

However, it could help to explain to your close co-workers and supervisor what you’re going through. Your co-workers can be more understanding and supportive, and your employer can help you find the resources you need to continue working with depression. Now that you know what job search depression is, its causes, and more, it is time to learn strategies to recover from job search burnout. Recruiters are human too and occasionally fall prey to affinity biases, expectation anchors, and other unconscious failings.

Don’t let your feelings of hopelessness about your job search cause burnout and emotional exhaustion. If it’s been months or even years and you’re still feeling pessimistic about your job search, it could be time to reassess your career goals. As much as possible, try to be kind and understanding toward yourself throughout the job search process. Remind yourself that setbacks and rejection are common and don’t define your worth or abilities.

Learn new skills

Even the most successful people still deal with bouts of doubt and losing streaks. If you’re finding it hard to socialize, start small, Dr. Norris said. Online communities and support groups are good places to start, as are clubs and networking events in your area. “It’s a feedback mechanism where the longer you go, the harder it is on your emotional health,” he said.

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